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The Great Debate: Digital Vs Traditional Marketing

Monday, September 4th, 2017

The Great Debate: Digital Marketing vs The Letter Box Drop

I attended a Sydney Marketing function in June this year held by the popular Real Estate platform, RateMyAgent, and led by CEO, Mark Armstrong. His presentation was aimed at addressing the evolution of communication with an audience based on how quickly the commercial environment is changing today. This is both a relevant and tough debate, indeed!

While this event was Real Estate specific, it is a topical discussion being held across every industry and every market around the world in all boardrooms and strategy meetings: digital vs traditional marketing.

Where do we spend our precious budget to get the most cut through to engage our audiences and achieve our organisational goals?

So, it’s finally time to analyse both sides and get to the bottom of this debate.

Where Are Our Customers?

Effective Marketing is all about your audience. This is never up for dispute as we all know it to be true. Knowing that, it may be time to take a step back and consider that age old question: have we thought about our customer?

Recent research shows that 87% of consumers now search online for reviews to determine the quality of a local business, and I’m sure that statistic is pretty similar for how people are researching product information too. This is a big shift in behaviour from only a couple of years ago. Organisations didn’t start this- consumers did. We did. We, as people, changed the game, and organisations today are hugely na├»ve if they don’t think people are already doing most of their research before even contacting your business.

As An Example

Mark Armstrong said his son needed an internet router for his house the other day, and at first, he had no clue what a router even was. In about ten minutes online, he become a pro with all of the brands, prices and specifications, then went straight into a local store, went to the shelf and purchased it without speaking to anyone in store.

This is very indicative of the modern customer.

The Digital Interview

Today, it’s all about ‘the digital interview’- in other words, searching online to find more information about a person or business without actually contacting them. Online dating, LinkedIn, Facebook, websites- it’s all about research before meeting in person. Around 70% of customers make up their mind before that stage, which is something businesses need to accept and adapt to.

While statistics are always fickle, all you need to do is think about your own customer’s behaviour, and you instantly know this to be true. Hardly ever does a customer go in unprepared or uninformed.

They’re All Online

How often do we go to a bar or a restaurant, and find everyone looking at a screen? It’s a sad reality, but a reality none the less. That is where your customer is! On their digital device.

People aren’t looking for reviews and information in your physical office or in your marketing collateral – they are looking online. So, being there for your audience is absolutely crucial for your business success.
It’s all about your audience, after all.

The Three Arguments: Digital vs Traditional Marketing

There are the three main considerations when deciding the pros and cons of new digital marketing versus more traditional methods, like the letter box drop or print.

(1) Cost
(2) Effectiveness
(3) Accountability


As a general rule, more traditional methods tend to be far more costly in so many ways. It’s expensive to design, print and physically deliver materials like these. Now look at digital methods: it’s almost instant, requires little design due to templates, and the reach is not physically limited, meaning you can get ten times the exposure for around one-tenth of the cost.

They seem to be light years apart on the cost front.

For example, a client came to me recently and told me that the only advertising he was doing was on the back of local shopper dockets, which wasn’t giving him any tangible results, but was still costing him a few hundred dollars a month. For a fraction of this cost, I put his adverts onto Facebook and Google, and he immediately noticed the difference in leads generated!


How long do letterbox drops, print media and even mainstream advertising last?
Think about a letterbox specifically. The printed material sits in an office, then in a mail box all day. Then, when your audience gets home, are they truly engaged when they check their letterbox, stumbling in from work? They are coming home with the shopping, or wrangling the kids. This material has literally one second to capture them in amongst the rest of the clutter, and is so easy to ignore. That’s not to say it doesn’t occasionally work, but the chance of engagement is very low.

Now, consider digital ads. It stays online for a much longer time, and due to the customisable nature of online targeting, it can pop up when the customer is more engaged and in the right headspace. It meets them on their terms, like when they are on their phone killing time, or browsing on a website, and so on. They can also interact with it by clicking on it, watching it, zooming in on it, saving it and much more.

In comparison, think about when you hear a radio ad or see a TV ad: you have to remember and recall the advert at a later time for it to have any impact. This means your audience has to spend the effort to remember to act on it at a later time when it’s more relevant, such as when they get out of the car. Making this worse today is that we are constantly bombarded by ads and messages, which means that it’s very hard to keep one specific advert in your mind. You can’t rely on your customer recalling the message – you need to make it easy and at their fingertips.

Digitally, your customer can fully interact at the very point they experience the piece of content, meaning engagement is far greater.


Which technique truly works? What really has cut through and metrics to measure it? If you ask most organisations who spend budget yearly on letterbox drops, for example, they will say things like “$50,000 a year”, and then if you ask them “does this work?”, all they do is shrug their shoulders.

The problem is, some businesses get into a rut of “it’s how we’ve always done it.” This represents a concerning shortfall in our perspective and our priorities. Our industries are too tough and our competitors too smart for us to be thinking this way anymore.

On the digital marketing side, with retarget marketing and tracking cookies, online communication and adverts are able to serve up your communication to more defined and far better aligned demographics. Your adverts are more intelligent because they learn about the behaviour of your audience and adapt to how they consume content, then works out where and when to best display your marketing.

The Three Battlegrounds of Marketing

From the 1960ies, there has been an evolution of Marketing and communication battlegrounds based on how we built our customer database.

(1) The Physical Address

Organisations clambered to obtain the physical addresses of customers to communicate with them physically, either with a sales person, door knocking or letter box communications.

(2) The Email Address

Next, emails went through an effective stage and businesses rushed to fill their databases with everyone’s @.com address. However today, we have found this to be far less effective do the quantity of spam everyone receives daily.

(3) The Computer Address

People live on their mobiles and tablets now- this is where they are today. The battlefield has become exposure based on IP address online. Building a database of tracking cookies has become the Marketing battleground of today.

While these IP addresses are kept private due to Privacy Laws and you never get the actual details, it doesn’t matter as you can rest assured that this technology is getting your message in front of the right people. Then tracking success comes from the metrics and analytics behind these interactions.
The core essence of Marketing hasn’t changed across any of the above battlegrounds: it’s always been about reaching your audience. The only thing that has changes is how- and this is a direct result from how the marketplace and consumer behaviour is evolving.

What is it about Digital Marketing then?

Digital Marketing is effective because it is customisable. It can target specific demographics to ensure that the best audience is getting your adverts and content at the right times.

The following are three combined ways of how digital marketing finds your audience.

(1) Location

Google tags computers with a geographical location. While letterbox drops can do the same, location is where the comparison ends. Digital is able to combine location with the following two qualifiers to ensure that your message is tailored, rather than mass distributed to just anyone.

For example, in the Real Estate industry, around 70% of residences are investor controlled, which means letterbox drops are ineffective because the people receiving the materials are not the decision makers and therefore not finding themselves in the hands of the right people. Digital equivalents would use location and the following two to ensure it is being fed to the right customers.

(2) Browsing History

It is the fact above that allows digital marketing to take it one step further. The history of your browser paints a picture of the type of person your customer is and their interests, which means that adverts can be served up to match this. It’s not a perfectly accurate science, however due to the cost effectiveness of digital marketing, it has a far better cut through and success rate.

(3) Remarketing and Tracking Cookies

As you move from website to website, tracking cookies embed themselves into your web browser to allow the content be catered specifically to you, so you are not receiving irrelevant messages. This allows advertising content to be shown to a relevant audience rather than just anyone.

Where is Marketing Heading Next?

Given that digital marketing is following around your ideal customer and delivering them relevant content, it seems to be working effectively at the moment. However, if I know Marketing the way I think I do, the next stage will be empathetic retarget marketing, which means showing the advert not just anywhere on any website, but when the person is browsing material that is contextually relevant.

For example, when your customer, who has already been identified as interested in Real Estate, reaches a Real Estate or property website, the ad will be displayed, as opposed to how it is now, where it comes up on any website they may be looking at.

It’s all about being in front of the right customer when they are in the right frame of mind.

Classic Game Review: The Break Out Game

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

Balls are a bit ‘in’ at the moment. Especially, it would appear, if they are smashing multicoloured artery to pieces. Breakout clones are al of a sudden actualization in all-inclusive quantities and overextension faster than Word brilliant or Knight Lore clones did. Richard Eddy gives a claimed run-down.

Taito, the aggregation which produced the corky coin-op ARKANOID are apparently to accusation for unleashing the craze, and again Ocean for bearing a alternation of actual competent conversions for the home micros. The ST adaptation is assuredly the superior, application all of the arcade’s aboriginal appearance – if it wasn’t for the baby awning you could about anticipate it was the arcade original. Imagine accept just appear it for the IBM PC.

Following in Ocean’s footsteps comes Gremlin’s able out, which was somewhat jollier but slower and absolutely didn’t accept the addictiveness ARKANOID provided. Not to be outdone Elite shoved in their abstraction in the appearance of Batty which now appearance on Hit Pak 2. Written by an ex-Ultimate programmer. Batty was able and showed greater graphical composure than ARKANOID and again anybody breathed a blow of abatement cerebration that it was over.

Apart from the games, comparing applique storylines proves a lot of interesting. Pirate’s account Accident Out! Goes for a badly try to be acceptable adventure area the bat is declared to be a spaceship absent in amplitude and artery are blobs of plasma, while Brawl Breaker claims the brawl is some buck alleged Ovoid on a mission of annihilation. Personally I adopt Impact’s “Trapped in a 1970s arcade machine” or Alligata’s beeline for the throat access with I accept adversity apperception a bat is a spaceship, so let’s alarm things a bat, brawl and artery – it’s abundant easier!’ And so it is.

I anticipate you can absolutely appropriately apathy Accident Out! It is little added than a poor man’s ARKANOID with beggarly graphics, abhorrent complete and the action of dehydration paint. Okay, so it may accept awning artist befuddled in. but even this is dabble to use and does annihilation to advance up Accident Out credibility.


There’s a assignment to apprentice actuality – if you are traveling to aftermath a carbon you accept to do it actual well, or devise a atypical aberration on the formula. Which is what CRL did with Brawl Breaker, originally appear for the Amstrad CPC range; it took Breakout into 3-D and formed able-bodied with some abundant complete furnishings and a colourful layout. Brawl Breaker is just appear for the Spectrum and retains its playability – although to abstain colour affray the monochromatic cartoon can accomplish it difficult to see absolutely area to position your bat. Complete with all the archetypal features, it aswell includes a laser gun which stays with you throughout the game. Brawl Breaker adds up to a advantageous buy if you adorned a altered aberration on the blow – and anon to be accessible on the Atari ST and Amiga.

AUDIOGENIC, quiet for some time, acknowledgment to our 16-bit screens with the busy Impact for the Atari ST and Amiga (and hopefully anon for the Spectrum and Commodore 64/128). Impact is absolutely the connoisseur’s ARKANOID cleverly topped off by some abundant sounds (each brick, conflicting and the bat produces an alone sound, so occasionally it sounds like a appropriate tune gone wonky!). Graphically, it is what you would apprehend from 16-bit, utilising colour actual able-bodied and aciculate analogue to add that added bit of chic to the aliens.


What gives it that little added advance is the atypical way in which features, such as lasers, bat aggrandize and bolt are calm -Ala Mamesis. Yellow tokens circuit down from called artery if destroyed and. if collected, are stored in the ability baddest pad at the basal right-hand bend of the screen. Acute the abrasion button if one is calm makes the brawl apathetic down, accession two and again acute the button gives you the bolt aftereffect and so on through bisect (3 balls), expand, bake (to see hidden bricks), laser, acute bomb (to abort aliens), missile and force field, which doesn’t accept the backlash aftereffect off bricks, but artlessly continues to accident its way annular the awning until hitting a bank area it bounces off.

With 80 screens and 40 added you can architecture yourself application the easy-to-use awning designer. Impact absolutely wins my approval as getting the best just for arduous excitement.

Coming abutting additional is Accepted brawl from Alligata which doesn’t absolutely accomplish it to the actual top for the simple acumen that it avalanche down on presentation and graphics. The use of colour is actual addled on the aboriginal levels – mainly greys, greens, and dejection acclimated for the artery and ambience – which doesn’t do abundant to actualize an agitative atmosphere.

However accepted brawl proves to be absolutely atypical in the way the artery boring annal down the awning in one continued aisle – it’s abundant extenuative grace. The aisle can prove to be arresting when, accepting died, you are alternate to the beginning, or one of the centralized stages aural a level. Two weapons, laser gun and thrusters (which acquiesce you to move up and down the screen) can be calm at the actual beginning, admitting they accept to be replenished frequently by hitting the actual bricks.

Along the basal of the awning is a barrier preventing the brawl from dematerialization but this gradually gets destroyed by the battery of fireballs which appear down the screen, unless the fireballs are destroyed with the bat afore they ability the bottom. There are cars, bikes and the like to be aged forth the way which, if annihilation else, adds a bit of humour to the game.

So now what? Do we cartel breathe a blow of abatement or is the next bindle we accessible traveling to be Revenge Of The Mutant Bouncing Assurance From Jupiter.

Breakout Bold has a lot of history angry with abounding abundant amateur that came out on 1988. This bold deserves a 4.8 out 5. Stay on for added Classic Bold Review.

Beijing 2008 Xbox 360 Game Review

Saturday, February 11th, 2017

Now you may be apprehensive why I would even bother to analysis a video bold that is over 4 years old and the accuracy is the bold is so bad it keeps me alive at night. OK I’m lying it doesn’t accumulate me alive but the money spent on this bold which was a complete decay does bother me slightly.

Just as added Olympic amateur accept bootless in the accomplished the Beijing 2008 copy makes no accomplishment to set the bar in gaming standards. The controls are lethargic, arresting and at times above which ultimately makes arena the bold impossible.

Beijing 2008 is atrociously difficult and the anachronous button mashing does annihilation to advice its cause. If you anticipate that’s arresting admitting delay until you accept to restart a chase if you abort and yield my chat for it you will abort a lot in this game. Amount times are absolutely affecting and at times you could baker a 3 advance meal for a ancestors of 12 and the bold still wouldn’t accept 100% loaded.

If this bold was any acceptable afresh I would say you would be admiring to apperceive that there are 36 gaming contest to yield allotment in, about as this bold absolutely sucks above all words afresh arena through the accomplished 36 amateur is just as abundant fun as getting nailed to a cantankerous and pelted with rocks for a month.

There isn’t a lot I can say about Beijing 2008 that is absolute and they accept even managed to blend up the athletes on the bold who all alpha out anemic and uncoordinated and get stronger throughout the games, now this abstraction isn’t new and works with a lot of games, about Beijing 2008 isn’t a lot of amateur and the astern arrangement that they accept in abode in fact agency that its harder to authorize for the Olympics than it is to win a medal.

One of the better flaws with the bold that alone fabricated me wish to dip my face in array acerbic over and over afresh was the apathetic amount times and i’m not messing about it takes amid 30 and 45 abnormal a time to play a accurate accident and addition 30-45 abnormal to about-face to addition event. Play this bold for an hour and I will agreement afterlife will be added ambrosial than active clue and field.

Like all added Olympic amateur the bold play is absolutely the aforementioned and consists of borer buttons as harder and as quick as possible. If that wasn’t annoying abundant and you adorned getting baleful afresh analysis out the cycling approach which allows you to consistently circle the alternation sticks with your thumbs for 4 minutes.

The one acceptable feature

You apperceive a bold is bedevilled if it alone has one acceptable affection and that affection is the way it looks. Beijing 2008 is a actual acceptable searching bold with absorbing backdrop and graphics. I aswell decidedly enjoyed getting able to play with the fireworks during the aperture ceremony.

Beijing 2008 is a absolutely bad bold that should be abhorred at all costs. The alone fun affection is the fireworks and for the amount of this bold you may as able-bodied go out and buy absolute ones.

This is one of the affliction amateur that I accept anytime played. Do not buy it.