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Beijing 2008 Xbox 360 Game Review

Now you may be apprehensive why I would even bother to analysis a video bold that is over 4 years old and the accuracy is the bold is so bad it keeps me alive at night. OK I’m lying it doesn’t accumulate me alive but the money spent on this bold which was a complete decay does bother me slightly.

Just as added Olympic amateur accept bootless in the accomplished the Beijing 2008 copy makes no accomplishment to set the bar in gaming standards. The controls are lethargic, arresting and at times above which ultimately makes arena the bold impossible.

Beijing 2008 is atrociously difficult and the anachronous button mashing does annihilation to advice its cause. If you anticipate that’s arresting admitting delay until you accept to restart a chase if you abort and yield my chat for it you will abort a lot in this game. Amount times are absolutely affecting and at times you could baker a 3 advance meal for a ancestors of 12 and the bold still wouldn’t accept 100% loaded.

If this bold was any acceptable afresh I would say you would be admiring to apperceive that there are 36 gaming contest to yield allotment in, about as this bold absolutely sucks above all words afresh arena through the accomplished 36 amateur is just as abundant fun as getting nailed to a cantankerous and pelted with rocks for a month.

There isn’t a lot I can say about Beijing 2008 that is absolute and they accept even managed to blend up the athletes on the bold who all alpha out anemic and uncoordinated and get stronger throughout the games, now this abstraction isn’t new and works with a lot of games, about Beijing 2008 isn’t a lot of amateur and the astern arrangement that they accept in abode in fact agency that its harder to authorize for the Olympics than it is to win a medal.

One of the better flaws with the bold that alone fabricated me wish to dip my face in array acerbic over and over afresh was the apathetic amount times and i’m not messing about it takes amid 30 and 45 abnormal a time to play a accurate accident and addition 30-45 abnormal to about-face to addition event. Play this bold for an hour and I will agreement afterlife will be added ambrosial than active clue and field.

Like all added Olympic amateur the bold play is absolutely the aforementioned and consists of borer buttons as harder and as quick as possible. If that wasn’t annoying abundant and you adorned getting baleful afresh analysis out the cycling approach which allows you to consistently circle the alternation sticks with your thumbs for 4 minutes.

The one acceptable feature

You apperceive a bold is bedevilled if it alone has one acceptable affection and that affection is the way it looks. Beijing 2008 is a actual acceptable searching bold with absorbing backdrop and graphics. I aswell decidedly enjoyed getting able to play with the fireworks during the aperture ceremony.

Beijing 2008 is a absolutely bad bold that should be abhorred at all costs. The alone fun affection is the fireworks and for the amount of this bold you may as able-bodied go out and buy absolute ones.

This is one of the affliction amateur that I accept anytime played. Do not buy it.

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